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With liveable and sustianable cities as are our passion, we research and share how Amsterdam provides examples of urban playces on our blog that can inspire other city makers worldwide.  

Research and Idea Generation

Urban PLAYces connects play with place in cities.  With a human-centered vision, we believe that city planning and urban design should cater to and inspire people of all ages.  Contact us if you are interested in working together.    

Urban PLAYces Tours In Amsterdam

The Play City Tour, designed for adults and children alike, takes you through the City of Amsterdam with the eyes of a child.  You will discover how over the past couple of decades, Amsterdam has transitioned to being a child-friendly city. 



Sheila McGraw


My interest in urban issues and active transportation in particular started as a personal journey over ten years ago that has now manifested itself as a deep-rooted passion that has guided my path. In high school, my interest in mobility issues began as my bicycle stood alone in the single bike rack as everyone else drove to school, even if they came from less than a mile away. During my undergraduate studies, my bike enthusiasm grew and became my academic interest as I started studying planning and attended a study abroad course entitled, “Sustainable Bicycle Transportation Planning Field School in Europe” during which we visited and studied the urban approach that cities in Denmark and the Netherlands take. This eye-opening trip would stick with me and inspired me to pursue my Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Amsterdam several years later where I would study and experience first-hand the innovative environment that makes Amsterdam arguably the best biking city in the world.  Looking forward, I hope to translate what I have learned abroad to improve the livability of cities all over the world.

Work for New Europe Cities in Transition

Senior Editor of the New Europe Cities in Transition Magazine

Co-author of Publication: Rethinking Waste in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Cycle Chic Photographer and Blogger