How to move by bike in Amsterdam.

Not only is the bike an integral part of everyday life in the Netherlands, but a lifeline and tool for big changes.  When I needed to move apartments in Amsterdam, I went fully Dutch and moved by bike.  Watch as I move from one side of Amsterdam to another side of the city, completely by bike!

Step 1

Rent a Cargo bike.  These huge bikes can carry large heavy loads and can be rented from select bike shops throughout the city.  Getting on the massive bike for the first time, I was excited and nervous.  It was much easier to maneuver through the city than I had anticipated and I thoroughly enjoyed the words of encouragement from passersby.   

Step 2 

Tempt some friends into helping you out.  Dutch stairs are very steep and even more treacherous when carrying heavy loads.  Tempt some friends into helping you move with the promise of stroopwafels and beer when you are finished.  

Step 3

Enjoy the positive feedback from Dutchies and looks of horror and amazement from tourists on your ride to your new home.  People are excited to see such an undertaking, especially by a foreigner.  While other cyclists might pass right by you, you may receive complements from others who are impressed with your will.  Tourists with open mouths may point, gawk and take pictures of this strange sight.  Take it all in!